Apr 21, 2012

life has whizzed by..

Sorry friends for leaving you hanging for a year!! Ouch. That is not good :) Well we were blessed with baby Henry in October, the seventh to be exact. So the last six month has been about adjusting and learning to live with three kiddos. They make me laugh and they make me cry but all in all they make me a better person. Sis is my little mama, Elijah is good to go with a monster truck in one hand and a ball in the other. Henry is sitting up, rolling over and reaching for me when he wants to be held. There is no feeling like it. So here is a snapshot of our lives.
Adam and I celebrated his bday at his first Husker game, not the last. I was due in three weeks.

 Our sweet baby Henry was born via c section. He was instantly loved by his siblings.

 Henry two months old with his Husker hat made by Grandma
 A visit to the North Pole on the Polar express
 Merry Christmas

Henry is six months old!! He is celebrating Easter the only way one should....naked:)

 Little elijah steals my heart every day.Come on, you can see why cant you!?!